IoTSWC 2018

Fira Barcelona

October 16-18

A Connected IoT Vision

We bring genuine value from IoT technologies by realizing business outcomes for our global clients. Our end-to-end capabilities with sensors, gateways, connectivity, platforms, analytics, machine learning & artificial intelligence enables us to create digital transformation in a hyper-connected world."

Joining Hands to Deliver Interoperable IoT Solutions


Wipro is proud to announce its Diamond Sponsorship of IoT Solutions World Congress 2018 (#IoTSWC18), one of the industry’s foremost events guiding businesses on their Internet of Things journey. We look forward to seeing you at our sessions.

Workshop: From the Factory to the Field: Digital Twin/Thread and Closing the Loop from PLM to Smart Device

Time: 13:20 - 14:05, 15th October, 2018
Location: Room 5.3 (CC5)

Calvin Smith, Director & Head of IoT Partner Engineering, Wipro
Ananth Kumar, Wipro

Brad Surak, Hitachi
Maximilian Schroeck, Deloitte
Hanspeter Meindl, Wipro
Mark Gallant, PTC

Panel: Why Edge First in Oil & Gas?

Time: 10:25 - 11:10, 16th October, 2018
Location: Energy & Utilities - R2

Gopakumar Nair
GM, Global Head of IoT Sales, Wipro

Jesse DeMesa, Principal Partner, Momenta Partners

Evolving Manufacturing Customers for Newer Revenue Models through Smart Connectedness and Improved Operations

Time: 13:20 - 14:05, 16th October, 2018
Location: Manufacturing – R1

Sharmila Paranjpe
VP, Manufacturing, Wipro

Shrikant Deshpande, DGM, Telematics & MSA, JCB
Steffen Lange, Head of BI & Analytics, Sulzer

Generating Business Value and Insights for IoT

Time: 16:25 - 17:10, 16th October, 2018
Location: Healthcare - R5

Geetha Gopalakrishnan
GM & Global Head of IoT Delivery, Wipro

Brendan de Graaf, Director of Smart Living, Lyv Smart Living

Monetizing Digital & Process Twins: From the Component to the Operational to the Process Level

Time: 17:20 - 18:05, 16th October, 2018
Location: Buildings & Infrastructure - R3

Anita Ganti
SVP & Global Head, Product Engineering Services, Wipro

Keynote: Realizing Business Outcomes With IoT

Time: 10:25 - 11:10, 17th October, 2018
Location: Auditorium

Jayraj Nair
VP & Global Head of IoT, Wipro

Command Control and Managed Shared Services for Smart Cities, Smart Campuses and IoT Systems

Time: 11:30 - 12:15, 17th October, 2018
Location: Buildings & Infrastructure - R3

Ashish Khare
GM, Cloud Infrastructure Services, Wipro

Electronic Township Industrial Township Authority (ELCITA)

From the Telco Edge to the Enterprise

Time: 12:25 - 13:10, 17th October, 2018
Location: Open Industry - R6

Santhosh Madathil
GM, IoT Solutions Engineering, Wipro

Product to Service Transformation through Human-Centric Design: Next Gen Services For Smart Pumps

Time: 18:15 - 19:00, 17th October, 2018
Location: Energy & Utilities - R2

Adam Hassan
Managing Director, Designit

Panel: IoT in Finance

Time: 13:20 - 14:05, 18th October, 2018
Location: Open Industry - R6

Gopakumar Nair
GM, Global Head of IoT Sales, Wipro


Connected workforce safety, productivity & operations

Worker safety is a primary concern in industries around the world. According to the International Labor Organization, 2.3 million people worldwide die annually as a result of occupational illnesses and accidents at work, with associated costs to enterprises estimated to be US $2.8 trillion worldwide. The goal of the testbed showcase is to demonstrate how IoT can be employed to improve worker safety and worker well-being while facilitating safety compliance and enabling safe work practices. In addition, it focuses on augmenting worker productivity and operations through technology integration.

Come witness our demonstration of several worker safety-related use cases using a market-ready end-to-end cloud-agnostic worker safety solution.

Further reading: Wearables and Connected Workers: How Manufacturing Will Change Forever.

Partners: Wipro, Guardhat, HPE, Aruba Networks
Contact: Madhu Pai


Intelligent Asset Management

Manufacturers are becoming increasingly dependent on preventive maintenance to avoid any potential losses. Wipro’s Intelligent Asset Management solution leverages IoT and AI/ML Technologies to predict the propensity-to-fail of assets with a high degree of accuracy. The Unsupervised Continuous Deep Learning model enables asset maintenance managers to trigger maintenance activities prior to a breakdown. A Digital Twin feature allows assets to be stressed to test their behavior under extreme conditions. This helps in decreased maintenance costs, reduced mean-time-to-repair and downtime of equipment, and in turn avoids operational shutdown and related revenue losses.

Connected Car

Wipro AutoInsightsTM is an IoT platform connecting vehicles and all possible stakeholders in a vehicle’s lifecycle. With truly personalizing the car buying experience right from the point a prospective buyer starts researching, to when a car is test-driven, to the long retention period of a car, we connect the dealers, the OEMs, the service garages and the end users with solutions from Wipro AutoInsights. The suite of products provide a targeted solution to the respective stakeholders connecting the end customer, making a car a hub, which presents endless opportunities to make the connected car ecosystem truly and seamlessly connected.

Smart Cold Chains

Wipro’s Cold Chain Management solution addresses the challenges and concerns of the pharmaceutical companies, by providing near real-time tracking of the temperature sensitive consignments in a transparent and immutable manner throughout the supply chain, by combining IoT and Blockchain. The solution provides actionable insights for all the stakeholders through real time data capture, comprehensive analytics and immutable access with increased granularity (carton or package level), thus helping in achieving business transformation and reaping the associated benefits.

Smart Spaces

Wipro Smart-iConnect simplifies business by aggregating multiple technology systems and services and integrating them into a single IoT platform and command center. Whether you’re considering smart buildings, cities, airports, security or other smart spaces, Wipro Smart-iConnect puts you in command of a transformed business.

Cognitive Energy Intelligence

The Wipro Cognitive Energy Intelligence solution is an IoT and analytics-led digital platform, that offers value to both the consumers as well as the utilities and aggregators. At the consumer end, the solution integrates various Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) and controllable devices (e.g. large appliances, EV), accounts for local variations (load profile, weather condition, dynamic tariffs) and optimizes energy cost by intelligent use of battery – deciding when to charge, discharge or store. While in one hand it lowers the energy cost for the consumer and provides it control to manage consumption, it also creates the opportunity to respond to external signals to reduce demand or export energy (called ‘flex’) that can be effectively utilized by the utilities.

Topcoder UX Challenge

We present you a rapid user experience challenge, wherein designers from the world’s largest global talent network will be tasked with exploring and creating new design concepts to solve a user experience problem — and all in just 48 hours. Topcoder designers will have to design an iOS application and present their unique ideas about how modern concepts, technologies, and experiences can help homeowners manage their trash removal and disposal. The goal is to bring the seamlessness of a modern mobile app experience to residential trash pickup, and enable homeowners to be more efficient and reach their environmental goals.

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