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A Connected IoT Vision

We create human-shaped experiences at the intersection of design, strategy and technology

We bring genuine value from IoT technologies by realizing business outcomes for our global clients. Our end-to-end capabilities with sensors, gateways, connectivity, platforms, analytics, machine learning & artificial intelligence enables us to create digital transformation in a hyper-connected world."

Jayraj Nair, Vice President & Global Head of IoT


When “things” and devices feed information seamlessly between your ecosystem and enterprise, unimaginable possibilities emerge

Connected Ecosystems

We build connected ecosystems of products and services, delivering human-shaped experiences for your customers

Customer Experience

From radical improvements in customer experience and lifestyle, to productivity, quality control and new R&D insights


With 300+ IoT experts, complemented by vertical domain expertise, product engineering, analytics, consulting & application expertise, we provide end-to-end capabilities

Creating a connected strategy across your business ecosystem
Enabling your assets to become intelligent and connected
Integrating your IT/OT systems to the connected ecosystem
Platforms and vertical business applications to leverage the value from IoT
Smart management of business operations and back-office needs

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Shop-floor and end-product connectivity for improved quality, productivity and supply chain optimization


Vehicle telematics to provide fleet management and operational efficiency

Healthcare & Medical Devices

Non-invasive wearable sensors, for real-time health monitoring and patient-centric healthcare


Real-time monitoring of mine equipment, management of assets, worker health and safety

Utilities, Oil & Gas

Reliable, integrated energy and asset management to improve energy efficiency


Supply chain optimization, along with real-time situational awareness to improve customer experience and returns management

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Our relationships span each building block of IoT, ensuring the best outcome for your IoT program through edge, connectivity, aep platform, applications, business solutions, infrastructure, and cloud partners

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